IT Policy Management Software - Core Features

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IT Policy Content - Easy to Read and Understand

  • All statements written in plain English
  • Every statement has a corresponding explanation box
  • Content suitable for all users, managers and technical staff
  • Statements can be customised to match your business requirements
  • Link to supporting information such as forms or guides

Mapped to Recognised Standards and Best Practice

  • Drill down to see where your policies map to standards or best practice guidance, such as ISO, PCI DSS
  • View the audit requirements to maintain compliance
  • Review all the policy statements that are mapped to the same section of the guidance

Drive User Engagement

  • Onscreen Policy Acknowledgement and Acceptance option available for users
  • API makes Acknowledgement and Acceptance data available for use in HR or LMS applications
  • Policy Review reminder service
  • My Policies page - each user can see the acceptance status of their policies
  • Prompt users into action via the notification service

Manage Engagement

  • User access is made easy with Single Sign On
  • Report on service engagement by overall organisation, user and content type
  • Appoint stakeholders to capture their feedback and input online
  • Contractors - enrol third parties so they can review and accept your IT policies
  • Prospective employees – provide new employees with early access to IT policies
  • Identify inactive or non-compliant users

Manage Content

  • Set up and manage policy review dates
  • Hide policy content or make it visible to user types
  • Select user acknowledgement and acceptance levels for policies
  • Output any policy in DOCx format
  • Change requests can be submitted online

Build Security Awareness

  • Test user comprehension by setting up a quiz based on your bespoke Acceptable Use Policy
  • IT security awareness videos included
  • Customise your Top Security Tips for Users section
  • Comprehensive Glossary of Terms
  • Topic Index helps to pinpoint specific content
  • Find information quickly using the advanced search function


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