Our Solution - IT Policy Management as a Service

We work with organisations across a range of sectors to create secure computing environments by establishing IT security policies and procedures that document the use and management of information technology, digital information, and technical controls. Our approach is designed to allow us to first understand your organisation, and only then recommend and implement a solution that will set the foundation to securely run your business.

Our IT Policy Management as a Service is a cloud-based software subscription that hosts a suite of IT policies, which are uniquely tailored to suit your organisation’s environment. The solution allows an organisation to deliver up to date IT policies in under 5 weeks, eliminating the overhead of creating and maintaining those policies in-house. Our subject matter experts ensure the content is keep up to date and mapped to local and international best practice standards such as ISO, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and Cyber Essential Plus.

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We make it our business to understand your business and your pain points before we start. Understanding how your organisation operates and the current challenges it may be facing around policy management enables us to develop the right IT Security Policy Framework for your business. Our end goal is to and ensure that our recommendations are the right fit for your business.


Understanding the complex world of IT Polices can be daunting. Our experts work with you to develop and deliver policies that document how digital information is to be managed. The policies are automatically cross referenced to relevant industry standards and best practice including ISO, PCI, PSN and Cyber Essentials. 


We support you in implementing those policies, and continue to do so as they change over time. Updates to the content, standards, mappings, and supporting material are handled by us. Our subject matter experts can also help you adapt and create new policies as your business requirements change.

IT Policy Management Software

We provide a securely hosted, cloud based IT policy management software that’s easy to drive and navigate. For most users, no special training is needed. Admin functions for primary users are easily learned, and backed by supporting material and a dedicated PPS team. Full audit and compliance indexing is provided for IT and GRC personnel.


Develop. Deliver. Manage. Enable

Creating robust IT Security Policies typically takes one to two years. Our unique service reduces that time to around five weeks. Our clients save time and money, and are freed up thereafter to carry on with their core business, while knowing their IT policies will be regularly updated as technology and regulations change.






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