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"IT security policies designed to underpin your digital initiatives"

IT Security Policy Management For Local Government - the business of local government today is highly data driven as council organisations continue to evolve and introduce new ways of interacting with their local communities.

With already stretched IT resources and many other pressing demands, the formal process of updating or creating IT policy documents may be seen as an inefficient use of time and effort. Consequently, development and maintenance of policies often happens in a reactive manner, causing organisations to struggle with the adoption and adherence to security best practices. 

Effective IT policy management necessitates adherence to a variety of standards and best practices. Our IT Policy Management software provides a swift and streamlined solution to establish a robust foundation of policies and procedures to assist with compliance efforts.

Some examples of the key standards and best practices that Local Governments should incorporate into their IT security policies include:

  • ISO 27002: This standard provides in-depth guidance on implementing information security controls and best practices. It encompasses various security domains, allowing organisations to customise their security measures to their unique requirements.
  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard): Vital for local governments involved in processing payment card transactions, adhering to PCI DSS outlines security requirements for safeguarding cardholder data throughout storage, transmission, and processing.
  • ISO 29151: Important for local governments handling the personal data of UK and EU citizens to show adherence to GDPR mandates and UK data protection requirements.\
  • Cyber Essentials: A UK government-backed scheme designed to assist organisations in implementing fundamental cyber security practices. It encompasses a set of controls that mitigate common cyber threats and enhance overall cyber security posture.

Adherence to these standards and regulations collectively ensures that government entities maintain a high level of cyber security and data protection. It enables risk mitigation and fosters public trust in the digital operations of local governance. For more information and a demonstration of our service, please contact our experts.

The process we undertook was a thoroughly worthwhile exercise. The engagement with the consultant and writers enabled us to gain clarity on security gaps as well as giving a fresh look to approaching standards and new policies

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