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Delivering Secure Computing Environments

Protocol Policy Systems help to safeguard information shared in the digital world. Business data, customer data, brand reputation, intellectual property and competitive edge are crucial to the success of your organisation. We assist organisations put the foundations in place to secure their sensitive data and information assets.

Our Policy Management as a Service (PMaaS) ensures that your organisation demonstrates good governance and adheres to relevant industry standards and regulatory compliance requirements. Since 2004, we have been working with both Government Agencies and Commercial Enterprises to develop and deliver secure computing environments.

What does PMaaS do?

Endorses the commitment of the CEO and senior management to protect valuable information assets and improve security posture

Helps protect the assets of a business

Provides an organisation's IT security framework

Communicates security messaging and training in a format that is easily available and understood

Provides a uniform level of control and guidelines for management

Advises team members about their responsibilities to the policies

Why Do You Need PMaaS?

PMaaS will assist organisations to get the foundations in place to develop and improve their security posture and culture.

Technology, systems and data are great business enablers. However, ensuring users interact with them in a secure manner is also critical to minimise the impact on the business of an IT security incident such as a data breach or cyber attack.

Our service delivers to any organisation a comprehensive suite of IT policies that can be rapidly customised and mapped to recognised standards. Once deployed our experts manage the content on your behalf as your business requirements or technology usage changes.

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