Keeping your IT policies fit for purpose

As the world increases in complexity, so too does the need for robust, current IT policies that keep your organisation safe and compliant. PPS is your trusted partner in this space. We help you to develop, deliver and maintain IT policies so you can conduct business with confidence and peace of mind.

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Our solution to your security

Case Study

Historic Environment Scotland
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Case Study

Buckinghamshire Council
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How we help

We specialise in understanding and keeping up to date with international best practice for IT policies. That means your IT and GRC (governance, risk, compliance) team don’t have to – leaving them free to carry on with their core tasks.

As a PPS client, you can quickly establish sound policies and rules to develop good security behaviours, minimise human error and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. Result? Confidence that your business is operating safely, and peace of mind knowing its reputation is being protected.

Policy Management as a Service will establish and maintain the foundations needed to protect your most sensitive information and intellectual property.

Our unique process means you can be up and running in less than five weeks, with a comprehensive suite of IT policies written in plain English and mapped to international best practice. Contrast that with the usual 1-2 years that it would take your team to deliver a comparable outcome, and the amount of effort required thereafter to keep the content up to date.

Our Solution

We work with organisations across a range of sectors to create secure computing environments. Our approach is designed to allow us to first understand your organisation, and only then recommend and implement a solution that will set the foundation to securely run your business.


We make it our business to understand your business and your pain points before we start. Our goal is to ensure that our recommendations are the right fit for your business.

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We work with you to develop and deliver policies that document how digital information is to be managed. The policies are automatically cross referenced to relevant industry standards and best practice including ISO, PCI, PSN and Cyber Essentials.

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We support you in implementing those policies, and continue to do so as they change over time. Updates to the content, standards, mappings, and supporting material are handled by us. Our subject matter experts can also help you adapt and create new policies as your business requirements change.

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We provide a securely hosted, cloud based solution that’s easy to drive and navigate. For most users, no special training is needed. For those who want to drill down to the audit and compliance level, supporting details are included. Admin functions for primary users are easily learned, and backed by supporting material and a dedicated PPS team.

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Local Government

The business of local government today is highly data driven as council organisations have evolved to introduce new ways of interacting with their local communities.

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Banking / Finance / Insurance

The governance, risk and compliance requirements in these sectors are complex. Regulatory compliance is used as an effective strategy for keeping organisations accountable for their security posture.

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A defining feature of utilities companies is their reliance on high value critical infrastructure assets to deliver their services and create revenue.

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For Not for Profit

Not for Profit (NFP) organisations do important work to provide services that cater for a diverse range of community needs.

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Develop. Deliver. Manage. Enable

Creating robust IT Security Policies written in plain English and mapped to international best practice typically takes one to two years. Our unique service reduces that time to around five weeks. Our clients save time and money, and are freed up thereafter to carry on with their core business, while knowing their policies will be regularly updated as technology and regulations change.






"The process we undertook was a thoroughly worthwhile exercise. The engagement with the consultant and writers enabled us to gain clarity on security gaps as well as giving a fresh look to approaching standards and new policies"

Buckinghamshire County Council

"We first discovered the Protocol Policy System (PPS) at an IRMS conference and liked how they could supply policy content in an interactive format. After discussing the PPS delivery process and maintenance program we were comfortable that we would have an ongoing partner for our IT security policy needs"

Historic Environment Scotland

"As a CIO, this system has helped me enormously from a compliance perspective, and it is one that I now wouldn’t be without and I have no hesitation in recommending it."

Wellington International Airport


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