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Protecting business assets

Protocol Policy Systems, or PPS for short, helps businesses develop, deliver and maintain the right policies to keep information safe.

What information? Business data, customer data, and intellectual property are examples. In fact, any information which, if compromised, would also compromise the running of the business or your reputation.

Our customers come from multiple sectors in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Managing Director

Steve Macmillan

Steve has worked for over 30 years in the tech sector, creating a presence for multiple technology companies in that time across many markets. Consequently, he understands the IT market inside out and has a deep and nuanced understanding of clients’ challenges and needs. His roles have included Business Management, IT Sales and Marketing. His main role at PPS is to expand and develop existing and new markets.


Ed Vella

Ed has a 25-year background in helping organisations across central/local government and enterprise market sectors to improve their security posture through the development and delivery of IT Policies. Ed has a strong technical background, and holds multiple general and vendor-specific certifications, which means he can provide in-depth support for clients as they undertake transformation projects of all kinds.

Policy System Editor

Denise Ockey

Denise comes from a background in administration and software development. She joined PPS right at our start and knows every aspect of this business. Denise has a unique ability to see the big picture while also capturing every detail needed to create an effective, comprehensive document that meets our client’s needs. Her role with PPS is to write new policy systems, create customisations and maintain existing systems to ensure that they continue to meet security standards.


"The process we undertook was a thoroughly worthwhile exercise. The engagement with the consultant and writers enabled us to gain clarity on security gaps as well as giving a fresh look to approaching standards and new policies"

Buckinghamshire County Council

"We first discovered the Protocol Policy System (PPS) at an IRMS conference and liked how they could supply policy content in an interactive format. After discussing the PPS delivery process and maintenance program we were comfortable that we would have an ongoing partner for our IT security policy needs"

Historic Environment Scotland


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