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"A solid foundation for corporate and operational cybersecurity"

IT security policy management for utilities - a defining feature of utilities companies is their reliance on high value critical infrastructure assets to deliver their services and create revenue.

The operational technology used to deliver services is increasingly digital and connected which introduces new cybersecurity risk considerations. Additionally utility providers also generate and hold huge volumes of sensitive customer data at a corporate level which must be protected.

Organisations in this sector must also adhere to various industry standards and best practices to ensure the security, reliability, and resilience of their operations, particularly in the context of critical infrastructure and sensitive customer data.

PPS works with utility providers to simplify this area of the business, delivering customised policies across the entire operation through our IT Policy Management Software, allowing directors the peace of mind knowing their policies are up to date and fit for purpose.

Some examples of the key industry standards and best practices that Utilities should incorporate into their IT security policies include:

  • ISO 27002: Crucial for Utility companies to ensure the security, resilience, and compliance of their operations while safeguarding customer data and maintaining trust.
  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard): An important standard for utilities handling payment card data. This standard outlines security requirements for safeguarding cardholder data during storage, transmission, and processing.
  • ISO 29151: Essential for companies handling personal data of UK and EU citizens to prove compliance with GDPR guidelines and UK data protection regulations.

Adherence to standards and industry best practices assumes an indispensable role in fortifying core operations and safeguarding data sanctity.

As the utilities sector continues on a transformative digital journey, PPS plays a pivotal role in safeguarding critical infrastructure, fostering customer trust, and reinforcing operational resilience through the strategic alignment of IT policies and procedures.


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