Shaping organisational culture

Steve Macmillan

Organisational culture is shaped by a broad range of factors, such as leadership behaviour, mission statement and values, organisational structure, and so on. Organisations can cultivate a positive and conducive work environment that supports their overall goals and objectives by aligning these elements with cultural values and priorities.

Well written effective policies are an important part of shaping organisational culture as they help to clarify expectations, establish values, promote accountability, support diversity and inclusion, drive decision making and manage risk.

In the modern workplace where technology is pervasive, IT policies play a significant role in shaping organisational culture regarding IT, helping to promote security, collaboration, compliance, ethical conduct, training and development, employee empowerment, and customer focus.

If resources are limited then the development and maintenance of IT policies can be deprioritised or overlooked. Outsourcing policy development to external experts who specialise in IT governance, cyber security, or regulatory compliance is an option that opens up access to specialised knowledge and experience that may not be available internally.

Before using any external experts it’s important to determine their engagement process to ensure its comprehensive but also efficient. Consider asking the following -

  • Will the new or updated policies be tailored and customised for our specific requirements?
  • How do we know if the policies are correctly aligned to relevant standards and best practice guidance?
  • What are the phases of the policy project and the completion timeframe?
  • Will stakeholders, who are likely to be time-poor, be provided with an efficient input and feedback option for reviewing content pertinent to their roles?
  • What ongoing assistance is provided? - to socialise the polices with the user base and ensure the content continues to be “fit for purpose” as our business and use of technology changes.

If you would like to understand a little more about how Protocol Policy Systems are engaged by organisations to develop and deliver IT policies you can view our case studies here.

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