Minimising The Effort and Cost of Policy Management

Steve Macmillan

Many organisations set out to write their own IT Policies and then endeavour to maintain them. Whilst the efficiency and cost effectiveness of this approach will vary it is generally accepted that drafting and reviewing policies to a pre-approval stage can be a long-winded exercise. Putting measures in place to maintain, adapt, reduce or augment policy content thereafter, as business requirements change, is often not considered until an issue arises. Ultimately the work required to get the right level of IT Policies in place and then keep them current is costly and becomes a burden.

The 5 most common challenges highlighted by organisations regarding policy work are –

  • No one in-house has the subject matter expertise or experience in writing IT Policies
  • Existing policies are seldom reviewed to keep them up to date with changes in business and technology usage requirements
  • Writing and maintaining policy content inhouse or on a bespoke basis is laborious and expensive
  • Stakeholder and user engagement requires a lot of management and effort
  • Monitoring and measuring user engagement with the content is difficult

Here’s something we prepared earlier
IT Policy Management as a Service provides a very effective way to create and deliver well worded bespoke IT Policies in under 5 weeks. We draw on our own comprehensive library of IT policy content, which is then customised to meet a client’s business requirements. This makes the step from policy creation to approval very efficient and cost effective. With all policy material mapped to recognised international standards (several to choose from) and best practice guidance you can be assured that the policies when implemented will be effective.

All policy statements are underpinned with their own explanation box which helps improve users understanding of the need for good security behaviours.

To view the demonstration walkthrough of the IT Policy Management software CLICK HERE

Making the management of content and user engagement easy
Our IT Policy Management Software provides some very useful ways to streamline the time consuming activities associated with engaging users and stakeholders in the creation of policies or in conducting review exercises –

  • Stakeholders can provide online feedback and commentary during the policy creation and review process using “Comment Mode”
  • A reminder service can and will prompt to Users to review their policies
  • Set stakeholder review dates for each of the policies and send out advance reminders
  • Users have a means to review and accept policies online Invite contractors or third parties to enroll with the service, and review and accept policies before they commence accessing and using your systems and data
  • Generate detailed reporting on all users interactions with the IT Policy Management Software and content

To see how we make the management of content and user engagement easy CLICK HERE


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