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Steve Macmillan

During the last 12 months Protocol Policy Systems (PPS) has been busy developing the Essentials and Premium versions of  IT Policy Management as a Service and making them available for delivery to the market.

A recent discussion with an enthusiastic customer highlighted that with the introduction of these new versions they are now easily able to monitor, measure and improve engagement between users and the organisation’s IT policy material.

This customer had noted that in the last 15 months the executive leadership team were increasingly aware (and nervous) about the impact of cybersecurity events and incidents. The leadership team had also developed an appreciation that their workforce was a key factor in protecting the organisation from cyber threats, and were now expecting full visibility of the effort being applied to raise everyone’s cybersecurity awareness.

To develop and improve cybersecurity awareness they have put in place a cyclical programme to educate their team that incorporates the following:

  • Well written, easy to understand IT policies and procedures
  • Cybersecurity awareness training that incorporates simulations
  • Programme and participant management
  • Assessment and reporting on the outcomes

The introduction of IT Policy Management as a Service  gives this customer the means to build better engagement between users and the IT policy content, plus have full visibility of this engagement for reporting purposes. Some examples being:

  • Each user can see the policies they need to review and accept via their My Policies page
  • An onscreen policy acceptance option simplifies the process of confirming users’ acceptances
  • A reminder service prompts users to review and accept policies, should they have forgotten to do so
  • Reporting is available to show the level of acceptances received per individual, and organisation wide
  • Page visit reporting per user, and organisation wide
  • The API option means content can be transferred to their LMS

In deploying the new service, the organisation has a customised and branded suite of IT Policies from the comprehensive library provided and maintained by PPS. To demonstrate their policies adhere to best practice they have selected the inbuilt service mapping options covering ISO 27002, PCI, CE+, and PSN connectivity.

Fast tracking the development and delivery of their policies with PMaaS meant that they could bring forward the roll out of their cybersecurity training knowing it fully aligns with their new policy content.

Contact us today to book a 20 minute walkthrough of IT Policy Management as a Service to see how it will help you build and improve cybersecurity awareness within your organisation.

Watch a short introduction video of the Essentials and Premium versions.


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