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Within the comprehensive suite of IT policies provided in Policy Management as a Service, the Access Control Policy is a key document. It outlines requirements to maintain secure access to organisational IT assets and is applied to a range of scenarios, including on/off-boarding, allowing third party access etc.

Access Control settings are critical, and should be defined in clear and concise best practise IT policy statements, backed by international standards.

Just like all the IT Policies provided within Policy Management as a Service, the Access Control Policy has been drafted at a high level and uses plain English.

After the workshop (included in your subscription) the wording of the IT policy statements are customised to meet your unique requirements, at which point they are ready for deployment to your user base.

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Control access to information systems

Prevent unauthorised access

Securely provide access to third parties

IT Policies

High level documents that state an organisation’s expectations of its IT users. The Access Control Policy ensures that access to information, computer systems and networks owned or managed by you are available to all authorised personnel. It also deals with preventing unauthorised access through managed controls.

IT Processes

Processes are more detailed documents that record the steps required to comply with IT policies thereby ensuring access to information, systems and networks is kept secure and limited to those authorised. To aid comprehension, process documentation generally includes a text-based outline and a process flow diagram.

IT Procedures

Procedures are prescriptive documents that define how a process is carried out in the real-world.

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We make it our business to understand your business and your pain points before we start. Understanding how your organisation operates and the current challenges it may be facing around policy management enables us to develop the right IT Security Policy Framework for your business. Our end goal is to and ensure that our recommendations are the right fit for your business.

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Understanding the complex world of IT Polices can be daunting. Our experts work with you to develop and deliver policies that document how digital information is to be managed. The policies are automatically cross referenced to relevant industry standards and best practice including ISO, PCI, PSN and Cyber Essentials. 

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We support you in implementing those policies, and continue to do so as they change over time. Updates to the content, standards, mappings, and supporting material are handled by us. Our subject matter experts can also help you adapt and create new policies as your business requirements change.

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IT Policy Management Software

We provide a securely hosted, cloud based IT policy management software that’s easy to drive and navigate. For most users, no special training is needed. Admin functions for primary users are easily learned, and backed by supporting material and a dedicated PPS team. Full audit and compliance indexing is provided for IT and GRC personnel.

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