The privacy information below pertains to the Protocol Policy System’s (PPS) website and our outbound email communications platform.


You are welcome to visit and view much of the PPS website without having to tell us who you are or reveal any personal information.

Where we do request that you submit information via our website about yourself and your organisation it may be used for the following purposes –

  • Providing you with information regarding services that you have requested.
  • Verifying that existing information we hold about you is accurate and complete.
  • Maintaining and improving our services and website.
  • Controlling unauthorised use or abuse of our services and website.
  • Communicating with you to inform you about our services, any upcoming changes, improvements, new services and products that you may be interested in.
  • To allow us to undertake any other promotional activities where you have consented to such activities.
  • Providing you with an effective customer support service to solve any issues or problems you may have with our services, product or website.


Our email marketing platform contains minimal contact information – first name, last name, job title, organisation name, email address. If at any stage you wish to be removed from our email platform and not receive our email communications then please use the unsubscribe button on the email communication or send an email to requesting you be removed from our sending list.

We undertake to

  • To request your consent before using your personal information for a purpose other than those that are set out in this Privacy Policy.
  • Not sell, trade or rent your personal information to any third party without first obtaining your consent.
  • Protect your information with a confidentiality agreement should we periodically contract a trusted third party to help us process your information for specific projects.
  • Store your data within NZ.

Except where noted elsewhere, or where required by legislation, we do not provide any personal information we have collected to third parties. We also undertake to ensure the handling and processing of all personal information shall be in compliance with specific data processing and data protection legislation in the countries where we operate. If you wish to view which of your personal details we have collected and hold then please send an email to . PPS will need to authenticate the request and once done will provide you with the full detail.